Back With the ANTIDOTE

It's been a while since I haven't written anything,
 and to be honest I was missing a bit,
 but the fact of not finding almost nothing more attractive,
 does not help.
Since I moved to Paris to work,
 I no longer have much time to look around, also because the office now has become my new home. And it is now that I'm back in Florence
 that I can put my hands in motion .
Usually we ask ourselves what it's worth writing, and very often I find myself with a keyboard and a blank white page in front me.
 Sometimes we write because we think we MUST to,
 other times we do it just because we feel that we need to talk about something that has aroused in us a shock.
So here , for some time in this part there are few things that cause this feeling in me , let's talk for example of the magazines , which are now more monthly-specialized-fashion- books.
 But the problem still is how do we recognize them?
 There are too many.
It's been a while since i started filtering out the "buy -it-all at once"mood , in fact a few months ago when I was doing research, I found (even though I had already heard so much about it ) Antidote, French magazine , which contrary to many who, with texts on texts , presumptuously seek to prevail over the publishing world , Antidote through the staggering amount of images , it tells a true story.
In the new issue , The Paris Issue, which I very warmly thank the editorial staff for the gift, hangs an aura of classy french eroticism, application of power , mainly expressed by only images .
 A sense of presence and energy comes into it -the fierce economy of style That boils down to a simple- seeming waisted silhouette, black gloves , pumps.
There is a real re-interpretation of the art of photography , and with this I talk about photographers like Helmut Newton for Yves Saint Laurent to the most recent as Patrick Demarchelier , no coincidence that Victor Demarchelier  gives a really good interpretation of him.
The path taken by the magazine is increasingly directed towards building a well-defined image , issue after issue that is carrying out very high and strong , just we can say that the saying " never judge a book by its cover" does not have much value in this occasion , as its cover accurately reflects the message and the content itself.